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Genie powder – rose congu – China black tea, Rose petals and natural flavours.

Dried cobras venom – masala chai – Black tea, Cloves, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Ginger, Black pepper, Nutmeg & Coriander

Dorain grey – earl grey – Black tea, Cornflower petals, Bergamot oil, Orange blossoms.

Octopus ink – irish breakfast – Blend of 2nd flush Assam and Kenyan black teas.

Distilled dragons breath – Russian caravan – Blend of Lapsang Souchong, Assam & Ceylon Black Teas

Red teas

Red dragon scales – plain rooibos – Rooibos – Succubus ashes – almond & cherry rooibos – (South African red bush tea) Almond slices, Mallow flowers & Natural flavours.

Unicorn horn – vanilla rooibos – Rooibos (South African red bush tea). Calendula petals, Almond slices & natural flavours.

Dried spiders venom – mint choc rooibos – Rooibos, (South African red bush tea). Peppermint, Calendula petals, Cacao bean pieces & Natural flavours.

Green teas

Eye of newt – strawberry green tea – Green tea, dried strawberry pieces, dried papaya pieces & natural flavours.

Toe of frog – vanilla green tea – Green tea, Calendula petals, Sunflower petals & natural flavours.

Green dragon scales – mint green tea – Sri-Lankan Green tea, mint & natural flavours.

Dried zombie brain – plain green tea – Japanese Sencha Green Tea.


Phoenix ashes – ginger & lemon – Dried Ginger, Lemon Pieces, Lemongrass, Elderberries, Rosehips & Liquorice Pieces.

Dried dragons blood – forest fruits – Hibiscus, elder berries, dried black currants, rosehips, raisins & natural flavours.

Immortali-tea – blood orange – Dried apple, blood orange, hibiscus, rosehip & natural flavours.

Monster mash – spiced apple – Dried apple, hibiscus, dried ginger, cardamom, Cinnamon, Cloves, Pepper, stevia, cornflower petals & natural flavours.


Wolfsbane – mint – Peppermint leaves, Spearmint leaves, Blue cornflowers.

Dried mummies brains – Egyptian camomile – EGYPTIAN CHAMOMILE FLOWERS

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